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Online paid service

We have already described about the online freelancing job opportunity. Here the freelancers get the job opportunity as per availability through a third party conductor. So the payments are transfer through a third party after proper acknowledgment certification of recipient. So there is always payment processing time. Even the freelancers can’t be paid directly from client. Here we are describing some of opportunities that can pay directly to the online service provider on regular basis because all these fields high demanding. Even anybody can operate his own sites to provide service in terms of money.

1. Teaching and Tutoring

Education means eager to knowledge, exploration of know-how. From the starting of human evolution, mankind is eager to accumulate knowledge. Thus we reach to a modern globe. So the demand for education is endless. Anybody has the positive thinking, can share to other. That person is always lovable to every corner of world. Primarily education starts from the mosque, church and temple. Gradually it is converted to new entity as school. It was basically started at different distinct place. Peoples had to go abroad for gathering knowledge. But now the advancement of web technology, people can be taught at home from a tutor at abroad. Anyone having the specific knowledge about any subject, can teach globally from his home though Google hang out or skype. High demanding subject is math or teaching a web designing and web development that requires the knowledge of programming language like C++. Java, visual basics,

2. Legal Services

Legal services are amazing topics for law graduates or students of law. Clients seek various services like corporate cases, criminal, property, family, paralegal etc. Professional experience on this field enhances the consultancy capabilities. The essential requirements to organize a legal firm are law background and a professional licence. You may be a consultant with some experience and a list of satisfied clients.

3. Transcription

Transcription is a process to represent something in printed form. It simply means anyone hear or see something and transcribe in a printed form or write either in paper or store in digital format. Legal and Medical transcription jobs are most popular among freelancers.

The transcribers must have the quality to listen passionately and write perfectly. This is a very lucrative earning platform for freelancing earning.

4. Architecture Services:

Architectural designing is a very specific profession with the architectural knowledge. Aesthetic design is the special features of this section. Structural skill along with CAD, CAM knowledge is required. Knowledge of “Vaastu” is an added advantage. This is a high demand opportunity to establish a consultancy firm.

5. Online Consultancy Services:

Besides legal and architecture services, there are several areas of consultancy. Anybody have the depth of knowledge and sufficient skills in the fields of technology, medical sciences, accountancy, finance, Human resources even astrology, can organize an online consultancy firm. It is a very professional area of direct online earning.

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