Product and Service outsourcing-A Business Model without Inventory-How does BPO work? Interactive Guide Step by Step.

How to earn from online Outsourcing:

We are probably aware of the facts that any business process either products manufacturing or service providing needs an establishment which includes a factory premises and offices, expertise manpower, raw materials, transportation facilities and a market to sell the finished products and services. Traditionally a business runs in specific places having all this resources nearby. This limits the business opportunity because of the limitation of resources. We are here explaining the facts briefly. All business process runs on as per the market demand that is varied throughout the year. So it is required to arrange the expertise manpower, machineries, and office spaces to cater the maximum demand that is unutilized at lean period. Above all the wages are paid to as per the living standard of the geographical location. So the basic wages for more advance countries are higher than that of high populated countries. The availability of experts and technologies are limited to the specific regions. Flexibilities of government taxes and statuary compliances are different at different countries. Even the Logistic cost to deliver the finished products and services to the customer is high. Considering all the facts the business concepts are changed drastically in 21stcenturies. The operational components of a business processes are being outsourced from the third parties with best prices and availability. Thus Outsourcing is defined as a business process with an agreement between two or more organisation by means of exchanging the services, expertise and payment.

   Due to globalization it is convenient and cost effective. Outsourcing is highly popular for these benefits discussed as below:
Firstly companies can access higher quality talent that they might ordinarily be able to attract into an in-house department.

Secondly, outsourcing negates the need for an in-house team. Hence it reduces overhead cost. Clients can literally operate with bare bones marketing team. Thus some firms are marketing savings of 20% versus in-house hiring.

Thirdly, outsourcing reduces or eliminates the need for multiple, biased specialist agencies. All the marketing requirements are catered for by multiple agencies globally.

Lastly, this enables companies to move fast. Outsourcing gives immediate access, eliminating the delays of locating, vetting, negotiating and engaging with new resources/vendors.

Thus many more companies are outsourcing their manufacturing or servicing components from the Asian countries like India and china as labour wages are less than that of American countries. Huge number of peoples are earning through BPO and Tele-services at IBM, Wipro, Tata BPO.

The wide fields of BPO Jobs are as follows:

  1. Customer support representative Job.
  2. Call Centre & Tele Caller Services.
  3. Medical Transcription &Translator Job.
  4. Freelance Project base job.
  5. Web developing and programming.

          If you have any potential to these BPO fields, then you can apply for the jobs in different BPO service center. But the blog relates to home based online earning.

                   So here we will discuss about the online earning through Outsourcing. Choose any of the subjects from Best freelancing Jobs . Now join to these best and premier Freelancer sites or job sites. Now post your company profile as job seeker. Simultaneously make a freelancer job site and share your link in social network requesting to join your followers as freelancer money earner. This is a technique to outsource your freelancing job opportunity. Thus one can outsource the freelance project based. As the popularity of your company goes up, you can directly get the projects. In this way many friends are earning through just posting the Face book Page like link among their followers.

                      Another very promising opportunity is online products outsourcing. It is an easy but profitable outsourcing process. Just make an online product selling website. Here you can list products from premier B2B websites like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba with a profit margin of 10-15%. Make a marketing network at different megacity of the country to deliver the products to customer doorstep from the nearby city. As for an example suppose you post a product like a newly launched mobile phone. Now anyone book this from your sites. After booking intimation you just instruct your nearby booking agent to purchase from Amazon and deliver to the receiver address. Sometimes stocking of pre launched online products is highly profitable.

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