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Legitimate 'work at home' for online career.

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My experiments with some of the legitimate methods of  online earnings. If you are looking for ways to make money online or legit source of  work at home, you might have come across many websites or articles that promise easy and quick cash. However, not all of them are reliable or worth your time and effort. Some of them might even be scams or involve illegal activities. So how do you find out which method are legitimate and which ones are not? That's what I decided to do an experiments. I tried out eight different methods of online earning that are commonly recommended or advertised on the internet. According to experiment and observation there are Eight methods which are best suited for Beginners to Experts.

The essentials to start online earning. First you need a laptop, a smart phone, an email address (Preferably Gmail), a mobile contact, a valid postal address and a personal bank account. Now with your email and phone number register yourself in different website as per requirement. 

            If you work with blogging that mean you are sharing your passion and experiences with your audiences through your blog. Then you have opportunity to place advertisements to your webpage or websites by the advertising agency like Facebook, Google and so many. You can get your revenue in your AdSense or advert account. 

   You can start as affiliate marketer and promoting third parties product and service through your web presence and social network or through digital marketing, then you can get affiliate commission.

   Online selling is another lucrative source of online earning. You can sell products in your websites or dropship another products to your webpage. Then you can get profit margin set by you.

    Freelancing work online is an most profitable earning resources. Sell your expert service to the online client at par the rate set by you. Just enroll yourself in different freelancing web service. Place your skill and get order for your service as per your declared cost. 

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