Md Kamaluddin-Academic, Technology & Media Columnist| Business & Career Counsellor| Author & Publisher| Founder of MDWIX Digital Org.

MDWIX Academy-Mission & Vision-Education & Skill development in Academics, Technology & Management.

       I am Md Kamaluddin, a Graduate Engineer passed out from Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College affiliated to Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology under Government of West Bengal approved by All India Council of Technical Education.

Md Kamaluddin
I work as a Manager in State owned Thermal Power Plant. Beyond my profession I introduce myself as a Digital Entrepreneur. I am highly interested in Education and Career in fields of technology, business and entrepreneurship. I learnt more from different teaching sources. The digital inspiration founder, Mr. Amit Agarwal, the highest paid Indian Personal technology blogger is our inspiration to set up such endeavor. More over the Google's holistic approaches towards Public Education is an added motivation. 
I would like to establish this academic forum so that anyone is interested to acquire knowledge and understanding, can be enriched from this webpage. So therefore, I myself take part as Co-founder and Chief Technical officer(CTO) of MDWIX Digital Org. 

JGEC-My Pride, My Inspiration.

Objective & Vision of  MDWIX:

                        MDWIX emphasizes on Human Resource Development through Education and Training in the fields of Arts and Humanities, Science and Technology, Economics, Business and Commerce, Career and Entrepreneurship development through Skill and Management Aptitude Development Program.       

MDWIX started this endeavor to spread it's benefits to millions of Scholars, Entrepreneur to establish themselves.

Scope & Mission of MDWIX Academy:

                MDWIX Academy is a virtual digital environment to access seamlessly its course and curriculum. The participants firstly need to use the virtual tools & techniques. 

MDWIX Digital
So we initially introduce some basic computer education so that scholars & trainers become digital tech-savvy. Next of curriculum will be based on basic general studies, MDWIX Academy follows a secondary school level Course. Gradually it is planned to expand the level of diploma or degree program in collaboration with a recognised partner university.

Vocational Training Program:

              Apart from the general academics, it designs a bunch of vocational training programs in small scale business in the fields of small & medium scale industries, agro-industries, food & fruit processing. More over it aims an advance training program in digital entrepreneurship & workshop in hands on Practices.

Skill Development Program:

               Different advance training courses are designed as per industry demand in the fields of digital technology eg. Computer Network & Internet Technology, Web Designing & Digital Publication, cloud computing, cyber security etc. Skill development programs ecommerce, media production & publication, mass communication and journalism are also in the subject matter. Management aptitude skill development program in business, finance and marketing network are the essence of MDWIX Academy.                     

This is a compilation with lot of Articles along with a supportive documentary in the fields of Education and Learning that might be beneficial to the digital Scholar.

Everyone participated in its holistic approaches is highly Solicited.
Anybody interested to be a digital publisher can email at: 

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