What is Moral Story? What is the Importance & Significance of Moral Studies? It's impact on human value addition

What is Moral Story? What are the Importance & Significance of Moral Studies? What is it's role in inspiration & motivation? Role of Moral Stories for Human Value Addition.

Definition of Moral Stories:

                                            Story is the narrative of human thoughts & expression of ideas distributed in the form of gossiping, written manuscript, acting in visual stage performing and transcription to audio visual analogue or digital media format. A story may have many more subjects. It may tell about an ancient history, happenings, reminisces, reporting of an incidents etc. Moral stories are those stories, articles and audio-visual media contents comprising of a message conveying a lesson & guidelines for practical life. These are boast of a social set of standards for good and bad behavior & characters or the quality of being right, honest & acceptable. Most of those are with fiction or represented through imaginary personified characters.

Importance & Significance of Moral Studies.

                        Moral Stories convey a universal message to enhance the better understandings of right & wrong for a peaceful behavior to other creatures mostly human beings. It approaches to communicate peoples with or without formal educational institute. Everywhere it knocks to human minds for good & wellness of him & his surroundings restraining them to worse & evil psychology. These stories depict the consequence of  different aspects of human life. Any situation becomes concurrent to an event of any moral story, the results of good or bad is already predicted. So it is easier for a better engagement with a positive perspective or abstain from the situation without the loss. It always provokes to a positive inspiration, motivation & commandment with awareness to strengthen the bond of humanities. On the contrary, it retards to worst destiny by breaking the law & enforcement of a social establishment.

                  Every country or a society frames it's own set of law & constitution for a better management of it's people. These rules are framed with the guidelines of ultimate punishment to the breaches of law. The verses of such law & orders are confined to limited number of people associated with judiciary system. There are no such guidelines or lesson for common people of a state, depicting the  frames of proper lifestyles. So this is non-important, however the compact rules are designed for a country until these are compliant or adopted by the common people of that states. Hence awareness of moral code of conduct or disciplined behavior is important. It only inculcates to humanities through exploration of moral value addition.

              Moreover, the awareness of moral activism is a lesson for all human beings, where as constitutional law & order are framed for a particular nation. The rulers of a state insists for establishment of stringent law to handle the situation better. But the philosophers always insist on improvement of human's  moral values & lessons for achievement of a hopeful, optimistic & peaceful lifestyles.

Here is a List of Moral Stories Best universal moral stories for Humanity development. Lessons for kids. 

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