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 What are the Meaning of words or Similar Words and Opposite words-Adequate to Advocate.

-Parts of Speech-Adjective

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Equal, sufficient, fit, satisfactory, full, competent, capable, able . 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Unequal , insufficient, incompetent, inadequate .

Example Sentence:

1.The food was more than adequate for the seven of us.

2.The tent should provide adequate protection from the rainfall.

3.Your scores are adequate but I think you can do better.

4.The machine must have an adequate job.

Example Sentences from web:

1. And when the numbers don’t reflect the actual needs of the community, organizations helping the homeless don’t receive adequate funding.—Orlando Sentinel, 5 Feb. 2023

2. The conditions are if the state Legislature doesn't provide adequate funding and if the Legislature fundamentally changes how the branch campuses operate.—Kelly Meyerhofer, Journal Sentinel, 21 Jan. 2023

3. That service originated in 2005 and, advocates say, struggled to get adequate funding and staffing since its inception.—Kelly Livingston, ABC News, 11 Feb. 2023

3. Public education mirrors the unequal fragmentation of regional governments, with suburbs creating better education from their higher property tax bases and wealth while core cities struggle to generate adequate educational funding.—Richard Mcgahey, Forbes, 25 Jan. 2023

4.The Texas constitution requires the legislature to provide adequate education funding for all students.—Alexander William Salter, National Review, 20 Jan. 2023

5. These amount to a financial snapshot of an exchange, made public to show customers that the company has adequate funding to fulfill a large amount of withdrawals at once.—Khristopher J. Brooks, CBS News, 15 Dec. 2022

6. Nations failed to meet goals from previous versions of the biodiversity pact, and finding adequate funding is an issue.—Byscience News Staff,, 22 Dec. 2022

7. And on Monday, the Democratic Republic of Congo lodged an early-morning objection to a lack of adequate funding in the framework.—Dino Grandoni, Washington Post, 19 Dec. 2022

Adhere-Parts of Speech-Verb

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Stick, cohere , cleave , hold, attach , unite , fix, join, cling . 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Disunite , part , separate , di vide , se cede , sunder, sever.

Example Sentence:

The ladder failed to adhere.

Example Sentences from web:

Chief Executive Patrick Pouyanné repeated last month that the company will adhere to existing natural-gas contracts in Russia as long as the activities don’t violate European sanctions.—Jenny Strasburg, WSJ, 27 Oct. 2022

However, Command doesn't recommend them for wallpaper, textured, or brick walls as the hooks won't adhere properly.—Wendy Vazquez, Better Homes & Gardens, 13 Jan. 2023

These sticky notes will adhere to any shiny surface, including plastic bins, mirrors or laptop monitors.—Mariah Thomas, Good Housekeeping, 11 Aug. 2022

Lindner, who is the leader of the business-friendly Free Democrats and casts himself as a fiscal hawk, has insisted that next year’s finance plan will adhere to the debt brake.—Kamil Kowalcze, Fortune, 8 Nov. 2022

Analysts now think that China will adhere to its rigid Covid strategy till next year.—Laura He, CNN, 29 July 2022

Mary Kay will offer a virtual option for participants and will adhere to CDC and local guidelines, Rodriguez said.—Dallas News, 20 July 2022

The Pitchfork Music Festival will adhere to the city of Chicago’s COVID-19 protocol.—Jem Aswad, Variety, 8 Mar. 2022

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Matt Smith suggests the upcoming prequel House of the Dragon will adhere to the franchise's grand tradition of being almost unbearably awkward to watch with your family.—Brendan Morrow, The Week, 5 Aug. 2022

Adherence-Parts of Speech-Noun

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words- Adhesion, attachment, devotion, fidelity , cleaving to, constancy, endearment . 

Antonyms or Opposite words- Separation, disunion, unfaithfulness, desertion, treachery

Example Sentence:

These refrigerator magnets would have better adherence

Example Sentences from web:

The 45-year-old iconic quarterback — already known for his rigid diet and an adherence to nutrition — dropped the weight from his 225 lb. frame, according to ESPN NFL reporter Jeff Darlington.

—Anna Lazarus Caplan, Peoplemag, 27 Jan. 2023

And when a diet is really restrictive, really complex, and really stressful to follow—as almost all trendy diets are—adherence can feel impossible.

—Paul Kita, Men's Health, 30 Jan. 2023

By adherence to a set of ideas, not by superficial physical appearances.

—John Blake, CNN, 15 Jan. 2023

Aside from an occasional pickle, there are barely any common food items between them, in accordance with my tribe’s adherence, more or less, to the Talmudic injunction against mixing dairy and meat products.

—The New Yorker, 9 Jan. 2023

Adherent-Parts of Speech-Noun

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words- Follower, supporter, ally, disciple, admirer, h backer , aid, partisan. 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Opponent, deserter , adversary . renegade , antagonist . 
Adhesion . 

Example Sentence:

Society surely doesn't have many adherents

Example Sentences from web:

An Atomwaffen member killed a gay, Jewish college student in 2019; another adherent is accused of killing his girlfriend’s parents for opposing his neo-Nazi views.

—Dan Morse, Washington Post, 6 Feb. 2023

And there's been yet another murder committed by an adherent of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

—Will Carless, USA TODAY, 4 Nov. 2022

An Atomwaffen member killed a gay, Jewish college student in 2019; another adherent killed his girlfriend’s parents for opposing his Nazi views.

—Rachel Weiner, Jasmine Hilton, Anchorage Daily News, 6 Feb. 2023

Nearly 1 out of 10 Egyptians remains a Copt, an adherent of Egypt's Monophysite Christian tradition.

—Razib Khan, Discover Magazine, 26 Sep. 2010

Haggis was an adherent for decades before publicly renouncing, and denouncing, Scientology in 2009.

—CBS News, 10 Nov. 2022

The candidate, Carrick Flynn, is an adherent of the effective altruism philosophy said to have guided the PAC’s giving.

—Nick Mourtoupalas, Washington Post, 14 Dec. 2022

This is a 23% spike, just by altering the definition of who is an adherent.

—Andy Larsen, The Salt Lake Tribune, 10 Dec. 2022

Adhesive-Parts of Speech-Noun

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words- Sticky, viscous, glutinous. 

Antonyms or Opposite words-adhesive . 

Example Sentence:

Cover the cut with an adhesive bandage.

Example Sentences from web:

Plug-in heating pads and single-use adhesive heat patches helped the Boulder, Colo.-based communications director cope while waiting to schedule surgery.

—Ashley Mateo, WSJ, 26 Jan. 2023

Tree frogs use adhesive toe pads for climbing on a variety of surfaces.

—Seriously Science, Discover Magazine, 9 May 2013

Adhesive liners aren’t trial-and-error like non-adhesive liners.

—Addie Morton, Better Homes & Gardens, 25 Jan. 2023

To turn the ceiling a simple, consistent white, Mullen opted to cover it with squares of adhesive contact paper more typically used for shelving.

—Kalina Newman, Washington Post, 3 Jan. 2023

The mounting arm fits to your windshield using a suction cup or adhesive pad, making this a versatile dash cam for fitting to your vehicle.

—Jon Martindale, Forbes, 23 Apr. 2021

Peak Design has a Universal Adapter that uses adhesive to stick to the back of your phone or phone case to mimic the same experience.

—Julian Chokkattu, WIRED, 15 Dec. 2022

Moisture can make the adhesive wear out faster, as can removing and re-sticking the strip frequently.

—Katie Melynn, Peoplemag, 13 Dec. 2022

The humidity of bathrooms or water from a kitchen sink may also affect the durability of the adhesive.

—Maggie Gillette, Better Homes & Gardens, 31 Jan. 2023

There’s no need for special tools—most can be cut with a good pair of household scissors—and the adhesive is already applied.

—Maggie Gillette, Better Homes & Gardens, 31 Jan. 2023

Once an insect is trapped in its adhesive, the sundew will coil its tentacles around the insect and smother it.

—Allison Futterman, Discover Magazine, 6 Dec. 2021

The new gripping system combines passive mechanical compliance with a hybrid electrostatic-adhesive pad so that humanoid robots can grasp a wide range of materials including paperboard and textured plastics.

—IEEE Spectrum, 23 Jan. 2023

Heat and water can soften the adhesive used to attach veneer, and moisture can permanently distort particleboard, which is often used as a base for veneer.

—Jeanne Huber, Washington Post, 9 Dec. 2022

Avoid cleaning this mess or walking on the flooring for at least 24 hours to give the adhesive time to set properly.

—Brigitt Earley, Good Housekeeping, 16 Dec. 2022

Adieu-Parts of Speech-Noun

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words- Good -bye, (which is, “God be with fare well, leave- taking, salutation, valediction. 

ANT . Greeting, welcome, recognition, salutation.

Example Sentence:

Example Sentences from web:

The Breaking Bad and El Camino star has decided that his two recent appearances on Better Call Saul are the perfect way to bid adieu to the character he’s played since Bad’s pilot shoot in 2007.

—Brian Davids, The Hollywood Reporter, 19 Aug. 2022

Before guests bid the evening adieu, everyone made sure to stash a Net-a-Porter x Le Dive matchbox in their back pocket or mini-bag.

—Eliseé Browchuk, Vogue, 11 Sep. 2022

Well, seismic changes are on the horizon for FDGD: this week it was revealed that the festival is bidding adieu to Nederland and moving 40 miles north to the town of Estes Park.

—Frederick Dreier, Outside Online, 8 Dec. 2022

Shortly after changing out of her designer dress, Stause was spotted meeting up with her ex and his twin brother Brett to exchange friendly hugs and bid each other adieu before heading to her car.

—Topher Gauk-roger,, 6 May 2022

Four years ago, France bid adieu to the Argentinians, 4-3, in the Round of 16.

—Frank Dell'apa,, 16 Dec. 2022

Aside from a handful of broadcast shows bidding adieu for the summer (or forever), this week is all about the premieres of buzzy new series and movies.

—Jessica Radloff, Glamour, 15 May 2022

Adipose-Parts of Speech-Noun

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words- Obese , corpulent, sebaceous, oleaginous, pin  

Antonyms or Opposite words-Leathery, skinny, bony, thin, anatomical, mummified .

Example Sentence:

Example Sentences from web:

There are two kinds of fat on the body—adipose and visceral fat.

—Men's Health, 13 Jan. 2023

Holy Basil is another beneficial ingredient to increase the number of brown adipose tissues inside the body.

—James Robinson, Discover Magazine, 14 Dec. 2022

Blish and her team studied the adipose cells—or fat cells—of patients who died of COVID-19.

—Grady Mcgregor, Fortune, 9 Dec. 2021

Above the docks on the boardwalk, a black lab pulled an elderly man eagerly toward the water; a Millennial couple, comfortably adipose, pushed their sleeping baby in a stroller.

—Judith Lewis Mernit, The Atlantic, 4 Nov. 2021

Further complicating things, our data show that sponsors are using MSCs extracted from a hodgepodge of sources: blood from the umbilical cord, the wall of the umbilical cord itself, bone marrow, adipose (fat) tissue, and dental pulp.

—Paul Knoepfler, STAT, 27 June 2021

That's because the scopes have a short depth of focus, leaving out critical structures like adipose cells, cholesterol crystals, and connective tissue out of the picture.

—Courtney Linder, Popular Mechanics, 30 July 2020

Within a couple of months, he was convinced adipose stem cells, found in abdominal fat, may be something that could finally provide lasting relief for his aching back.

—Dr. Sanjay Gupta And Roni Selig, CNN, 27 Apr. 2018

Adit-Parts of Speech-Noun

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words- Entrance , ingress, access, approach, avenue . 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Exit, egress, mouth, outlet, debouchure .

Example Sentence:

Example Sentences from web:

Adjacent-Parts of Speech-Adjective
Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Near, neighboring , contiguous, close , nigh, bordering, conterminous. 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Remote, distant, separate ,

Example Sentence:

Example Sentences from web:

The number of civilian residents in Slovyansk and adjacent Kramatorsk has doubled since bottoming out after last year’s mass evacuations, according to regional officials, reaching more than 50,000 and 80,000 respectively.

—Serhii Korolchuk, Washington Post, 18 Feb. 2023

Stachelle Bussey, founder of the Hope Buss, which runs the Hope Village, said the medical care will be important for people in the adjacent outdoor space.

—Rae Johnson, The Courier-Journal, 26 Jan. 2023

The Hollywood location also is slated to open in April, with Santa Monica following in May. Downtown, the space adjacent to the walk-up window will open as a cafe with dine-in capability this summer.

—Stephanie Breijostaff Writer, Los Angeles Times, 11 Jan. 2023

The kitchen and its adjacent spaces will be a backdrop for bringing vintage and hand-me-down pieces, from buffet cabinets to dinnerware to wall decor, into more contemporary homes.

—Kristina Mcguirk, Better Homes & Gardens, 10 Jan. 2023

Worn carpets were torn out for polished concrete floors, and the kitchen was relocated from a cramped corner off the back entrance into a larger 194-square-foot space adjacent to the dining room.

—Michael Snyder Martin Morrell, New York Times, 29 Nov. 2022

The primary bedroom has built-ins and an adjacent office space.

—Lia Picard, WSJ, 17 Nov. 2022

The Jets were the first team to have to use the adjacent community ice rink space as their locker room.

—José M. Romero, The Arizona Republic, 28 Oct. 2022

Officers found that an entry was forced to the store through an adjacent empty building space at 1408 Berlin Turnpike.

—Mike Mavredakis, Hartford Courant, 25 Oct. 2022

Adjoin-Parts of Speech-Verb

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words- annex, add , connect, append, supplement . attach , unite . Border, neighbor, touch, abut, approximate , verge, trench . 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Disjoin, dismember , di s connect, detach, disintegrate , disunite .Part, separate , recede , return, diverge, be distant, removed , remote , in contiguous.

Example Sentence:

Example Sentences from web:

The judge in the case also agreed to adjoin the new seven-count indictment with the previous five counts, resulting in one trial for Spacey on all charges, Reuters reports.

—Daniel Kreps, Rolling Stone, 13 Jan. 2023

The development would adjoin the Lakeside Tower condominium high-rise, which opened last year.

—Dallas News, 2 May 2022

Outdoors, a slate patio and 10-foot-deep in-ground swimming pool adjoin a bountiful garden with Maryland champion trees, which are typically described as being among the largest of their species in the state.

—Michelle Deal-zimmerman, Baltimore Sun, 1 Sep. 2022

In such a number system, mathematicians might adjoin to the integers.

—Jordana Cepelewicz, Quanta Magazine, 10 Aug. 2022

Located on 1,100 acres that adjoin national forest and public land, this resort acts as a retreat into the Southwestern wilderness.

—Outside Online, 12 Feb. 2014

The three counties adjoin others where chronic wasting disease cases previously have been found.

—Lisa Hammersly, Arkansas Online, 3 Jan. 2022

Brightline has selected a route that would adjoin State Road 417 through the Hunter’s Creek community, and then run alongside Interstate 4 to a stop at Walt Disney World and a station in Tampa.

—Kevin Spear,, 10 Aug. 2021

Liberty County and its county seat of Hinesville, which adjoin Fort Stewart south of Savannah, have reimposed such rules.

—Jeff Amy, ajc, 26 July 2021

Adjourn-Parts of Speech-Verb

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words- Postpone, suspend, defer , prorogue , de lay, protract, 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Expedite , despatch, urge , hasten, conclude, complete , seal , con summate , terminate . Adjudge ,

Example Sentence:

Example Sentences from web:

The judge in the case also agreed to adjoin the new seven-count indictment with the previous five counts, resulting in one trial for Spacey on all charges, Reuters reports.

—Daniel Kreps, Rolling Stone, 13 Jan. 2023

The development would adjoin the Lakeside Tower condominium high-rise, which opened last year.

—Dallas News, 2 May 2022

Outdoors, a slate patio and 10-foot-deep in-ground swimming pool adjoin a bountiful garden with Maryland champion trees, which are typically described as being among the largest of their species in the state.

—Michelle Deal-zimmerman, Baltimore Sun, 1 Sep. 2022

In such a number system, mathematicians might adjoin to the integers.

—Jordana Cepelewicz, Quanta Magazine, 10 Aug. 2022

Located on 1,100 acres that adjoin national forest and public land, this resort acts as a retreat into the Southwestern wilderness.

—Outside Online, 12 Feb. 2014

The three counties adjoin others where chronic wasting disease cases previously have been found.

—Lisa Hammersly, Arkansas Online, 3 Jan. 2022

Brightline has selected a route that would adjoin State Road 417 through the Hunter’s Creek community, and then run alongside Interstate 4 to a stop at Walt Disney World and a station in Tampa.

—Kevin Spear,, 10 Aug. 2021

Liberty County and its county seat of Hinesville, which adjoin Fort Stewart south of Savannah, have reimposed such rules.

—Jeff Amy, ajc, 26 July 2021

Adjudicate-Parts of Speech-Verb

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Confer , award , assign, present, decide, arbitrate . 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Withhold , reserve , retain,  dismiss, relegate ;

Example Sentence:

Example Sentences from web:

Steven Lubet, one of the signers and an emeritus law professor at Northwestern University, acknowledged there are serious questions about who would adjudicate complaints made against the justices.

—Robert Barnes And Ann E. Marimow, Anchorage Daily News, 10 Feb. 2023

Courts are not equipped to adjudicate the legitimacy of a person’s feelings about their childhood and relationships.

—Town & Country, 8 Feb. 2023

Steven Lubet, one of the signers and an emeritus law professor at Northwestern University, acknowledged there are serious questions about who would adjudicate complaints made against the justices.

—Robert Barnes And Ann E. Marimow, Anchorage Daily News, 10 Feb. 2023

Steven Lubet, one of the signers and an emeritus law professor at Northwestern University, acknowledged there are serious questions about who would adjudicate complaints made against the justices.

—Robert Barnes And Ann E. Marimow,, 9 Feb. 2023

This results in higher numbers – hundreds of days – best representing the experience of high-level offenders, who are held on higher bonds and whose cases often take longer to adjudicate.

—Kaitlin Durbin, cleveland, 18 Dec. 2022

In an optimal world, would there be some sort of global body or institution to help govern and adjudicate these decisions?

—David Marchese, New York Times, 12 Aug. 2022

International law requires that the U.S. take in asylum-seekers and adjudicate their claims.

—Henry Gass, The Christian Science Monitor, 13 Dec. 2022

Congress established an independent electoral commission to adjudicate the competing claims, but its findings failed to break the deadlock. —William A. Galston, WSJ, 29 Nov. 2022

Adjunct-Parts of Speech-Noun/Adjective

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Addition, additament, attachment, appendage , auxiliary, appurtenance, aid, acquisition, advantage . help. 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Essence , substance , body, clog , detriment, impediment, hindrance , obstruction, detraeon.

Example Sentence:

Example Sentences from web:

Because Joseph Ellis has been an outspoken critic of social and women's history, he appears a peculiar choice to write the foreword, despite his many publications on the Revolutionary era. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, he treats Abigail here more as her husband's adjunct and supporter than as her own woman.

—Anthony Lewis, New York Times Book Review, 4 Nov. 2007

As an adjunct to its basic educational role, the public library will increasingly serve as an access point to the resources of other libraries as well as to nonlibrary sources of publicly available information.

—Fred Lerner, The Story of Libraries, (1945) 1998

Adjure-Parts of Speech-Verb

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words- Conjure , entreat, supplicate, move , beseech, command 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Deprecate; remonstrates, dare, expostulate , warn, dissuade, prohibit, inhibit, defy . '

Example Sentence:

Despite the song’s topic, the music is joyful, light, as Carlito adjures Maya in Lingala, the language of Kinshasa and its environs: Listen to a voice calling you in the middle of the night.

—Nicolas Niarchos, The New Yorker, 26 June 2019

And Congress is adjured by the Fourteenth Amendment to enforce it against the states.

—WSJ, 25 May 2018

Example Sentences from web:

Adjust-Parts of Speech-Verb

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words- Ha arrange, localize , adapt, affix, right, suit, classify , set in order, reconcile, accommodate , compose . 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Dislocate, disarrange , disturb, confound, dismember , disorder, confuse , discompose , derange .

Example Sentence:

The special session will also adjust language in current laws addressing endorsement deals for college athletes.

—Anthony Izaguirre, Fortune, 6 Feb. 2023

Some trainers adjust this scale to a 1 to 10 range, since that might be more accessible to the general exercising public.

—Men's Health, 6 Feb. 2023

Similarly, both the specific fault where the earthquake happened as well as separate faults in the vicinity adjust for days and months afterward.

—WIRED, 6 Feb. 2023

Example Sentences from web:

Adjuvant-Parts of Speech-Adjective/Noun
Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words- Accessary, auxiliary, promotive , productive , assistant, ministrative, ancillary, useful , conducive. 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Obstructive, detractive, retardative , preventive, counteractive, irrelevant, useless.

Example Sentence:

Sims said Sanders will need adjuvant treatment with radioactive iodine and long-term continuing care.

—From Usa Today Network And Wire Reports, USA TODAY, 20 Sep. 2022

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive strategy, the funding is going to multidisciplinary groups with expertise in virology and immunology, immunogen design, and innovative vaccine and adjuvant platforms and technologies.

—Laura Defrancesco, Scientific American, 6 Jan. 2022

An adjuvant component for the vaccine is required and provided by Novavax, a biotechnology company in the US and Sweden.

—Adrian Hill, Quartz, 25 Apr. 2021

Example Sentences from web:

Admeasurement-Parts of Speech-Noun

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words- Size , adjustment, dimensions, adaptation. 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Misshapement, misconformity, misfit, mismatch, mismeasurement .

Administer-Parts of Speech-Verb

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Distribute , award, accord , dole , give , impart, afford , discharge , dispense , execute , perform, furnish, contribute , conduct. 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Withdraw, withhold , refuse, retain, assume , resume , resign, deny, divert, appropriate , misadminister, betray, misconduct, mismanage .

Example Sentence:

According to a news release, the two statewide associations administer the Illinois Distinguished Accreditation program with the goal of improving the delivery of park and recreation services to Illinois residents.

—Pioneer Press Staff, Chicago Tribune, 6 Feb. 2023

And not just any psychiatrist or psychologist can safely administer these kinds of therapies.

—WIRED, 3 Feb. 2023

College Now Greater Cleveland, Inc. would administer the program, which doesn’t spend any additional money forgiving student loan debt, but rather helps residents take advantage of existing debt forgiveness programs.

—Lucas Daprile, cleveland, 31 Jan. 2023

Example Sentences from web:

Admirable-Parts of Speech-Adjective

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Wonderful, excel; lent, surprising, astonishing, praise worthy, pleasing .
Antonyms or Opposite words-Commonplace , mediocre, ridiculous, abominable , displeasing.

Example Sentence:

But Astros shortstop Jeremy Peña has done admirable work replacing Carlos Correa.

—Peter Abraham,, 9 July 2022

Veterans Calais Campbell and Justin Houston have also done admirable work keeping opposing backs from getting outside.

—Childs Walker,, 24 Sep. 2021

Putting aside Bush’s subsequent failures as a chief executive, and the messy process that put him in office, his victory speech was an admirable work of statesmanship.

—Gilbert Garcia, San Antonio Express-News, 23 Sep. 2021

Vaccines are mandated, as are masks, and landlords have done admirable work upgrading ventilation systems.

—Lee Seymour, Forbes, 22 Sep. 2021

Example Sentences from web:

Admiration-Parts of Speech-Noun

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Wonder, approval, appreciation, adoration, reverence . 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Disapproval , disesteem, tamely, Opprobrium, ridicule, tempt, dislike .

Example Sentence:

Other senior Utah political leaders immediately expressed their admiration for Mayne on Wednesday afternoon.

—Jacob Scholl, The Salt Lake Tribune, 4 Jan. 2023

Nixon, who had expressed admiration for Biden's campaign, read about the crash in the newspaper the next morning, according to White House recordings.

—Michael E. Ruane,, 18 Dec. 2022

Any of these can be an awesome gift, particularly if your loved one has expressed admiration for any of your particular talents.

—Anna Pulley, Chicago Tribune, 6 Dec. 2022

Writing in the caption, the band expressed their admiration for the show’s use of music, and their pleasure at seeing their song used for a memorable scene.

—Wilson Chapman, Variety, 5 July 2022

Example Sentences from web:

Admire-Parts of Speech-Verb

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Wonder, gaze, approve, appreciate , extol, esteem, love , applaud , affect, adore, revere, respect. 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Abhor , ridicule, disesteem, execrate , abominate , contemn, mislike , despise , slight .

Example Sentence:

But those who use or admire the blooms up close must take care.

—Amanda Fortini Kyoko Hamada, New York Times, 8 Feb. 2023

Buyers admire Berkowitz’s approach in a world of fleeting viral fame.

—Matt Donnelly, Variety, 2 Feb. 2023

While the style may not appeal to everyone, the adventurous reader will find much to enjoy and admire in this unconventional novel.

—David Conrads, The Christian Science Monitor, 23 Jan. 2023

Nevis Peak takes some effort to climb, but plenty of people do it; or else, just admire the 3.232-foot mountain from afar.

—Pamela Wright,, 12 Jan. 2023

Between sets, indulge in a massage, stretch out in a yoga class, join a meditation practice, shop in a massive craft market, take a drum lesson, or just post up with a drink and admire the mind-blowing fashions on parade.

—Shawnté Salabert, Outside Online, 4 Jan. 2023

Example Sentences from web:

Admissible-Parts of Speech-Adjective

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Allowable, remissible , probable , reasonable, proper, fair, right, qualified . 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Unallowable, inadmissible, improper, unreasonable , absurd, preposterous, monstrous, unfair, wrong, unqualified , excluded.

Example Sentence:

These statements, called admissions of a party opponent, are generally admissible in court—which could spell trouble for Bankman-Fried.

—Scott Nover, Quartz, 18 Jan. 2023

In 1910, fingerprint evidence first appeared in courts, and was ruled admissible by U.S. appellate judges in 1911.

—Bridget Alex, Discover Magazine, 21 Sep. 2022

In July 2021, Kim went to the Vatican in a barely admissible outfit alongside Kate Moss to see some artifacts.

—Rachel Simon, Vulture, 5 Apr. 2022

Example Sentences from web:

Admission-Parts of Speech-Noun

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Concession, allowance, acknowledgment, acceptance. 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Denial, protestation, contradiction. rejection.

Example Sentence:

University of Pennsylvania, Linskey revealed that one of Hunter Biden’s daughters was rejected for early admission to Penn in 2019.

—Walter Shapiro, The New Republic, 14 Feb. 2023

In one change, admission to Soul Swapmeet is now free.

—Natallie Rocha, San Diego Union-Tribune, 13 Feb. 2023

The house hosts tours and live storytelling events, and admission is $12.

—Kayla Blanton, Country Living, 8 Feb. 2023

By charging 50 cents for admission, the Dickson family made their living.

—Logan Jaffe, ProPublica, 1 Feb. 2023

California State University followed suit last spring, and in November, the American Bar Association voted to abandon the LSAT requirement for admission to any of the nation’s law schools beginning in 2025.

Example Sentences from web:

Admit-Parts of Speech-Verb

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Becoive , pase, permit, accept, grant, concede, allow, acknowledge, confession, avow, shuffler . 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Exclude , debar, disallow, eject, deny, discharge, dismiss, eject , extrude , repudiate, disavow, disown.

Example Sentence:

With the four conservatives, Powell banned U.C. Davis’s approach of setting aside spots for minority candidates and ordered the medical school to admit Allan Bakke.

—Emily Bazelon, New York Times, 15 Feb. 2023

At the time, the hospital continued to admit patients.

—Ellie Silverman, Washington Post, 15 Feb. 2023

But Washington never seems to admit that those higher costs will ultimately find their way to consumers.

—Ron Shevlin, Forbes, 13 Feb. 2023

Biden announced in early January new policies that would create a pathway to admit up to 30,000 people from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Haiti and Cuba each month who have a sponsor and pass background checks.

—John Fritze, USA TODAY, 9 Feb. 2023

But the report, which examines the average effective tax rates of large corporations before and after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, argues more in favor of the GOP reforms than Democrats admit.

—Mike Crapo, WSJ, 9 Feb. 2023

Example Sentences from web:

Admittance-Parts of Speech-Noun

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Introduction, entrance , pass, permit, passport, privilege, acceptance , welcome, 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Exclusion, denial , ejection, prohibition, bar , hindrance , rejection, repudiation.

Example Sentence:

—Brenda Yenke, cleveland, 26 Aug. 2021

For the past week, the Lakers have been allowing limited-admittance player guests.

—Dan Woike, Los Angeles Times, 2 Apr. 2021

When the school’s late admittance, Neveah (Kylie Jefferson) is given a tour of the school, she’s quickly brought up to speed on the long hours she will be expected to keep up with as a dancer at the prestigious academy.

—Sarah Midkiff,, 15 Dec. 2020

Example Sentences from web:

Admonish-Parts of Speech-Verb

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Remind , forewarn, advise , warn, dissuade , caution, counsel , reprove , censure, rebuke . 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Encourage , instigate , abet, incite , urge , applaud , countenance .

Example Sentence:

He is sympathetic but never condescending, or patronizing, or moralizing. His purpose is not to admonish or deplore but to understand.

—C. Vann Woodward, New York Times Book Review, 5 Feb. 1989

Cops are, from the first day in the academy, admonished that juveniles must not be shot unless in dire emergency …

—Joseph Wambaugh, Lines and Shadows, 1984

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Admonition-Parts of Speech-Noun

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Warning, advice , counsel, caution, reproof. 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Applauding, encouraging, citing, urging, countenancing.

Example Sentence:

Approximately half of the referees would have responded to players saying swear words in a game by issuing a red card (55.7% red card, 25.2% yellow/blue card, 12.1% admonition, and 7.0% no reaction).

—Seriously Science, Discover Magazine, 29 Jan. 2014

Members may only know that Smith’s admonition has trumped cultural assumptions and American dominance, some say, when BYU lifts its beard ban.

—Peggy Fletcher Stack, The Salt Lake Tribune, 7 Nov. 2022

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Ado-Parts of Speech-Noun

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words- Hubbub, commodious, excitement . 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Calm, composure, quiet, dirtiness, staidness, tranquility.

Example Sentence:

There has been much ado about attendance, or lack thereof, at Oakland Athletics games this season, as the A’s are averaging fewer than 8,000 fans per game.

—Hayes Gardner, Baltimore Sun, 16 May 2022

According to Wissoker, critics were making much ado about what was still a tiny subset of academia; claims that cultural studies was displacing other fields was not borne out by reality.

—Jennifer Wilson, The New Yorker, 29 Mar. 2022

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Adopt-Parts of Speech-Verb

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Assume , select,  take , elect, choose , endorse , avow, appropriate. 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Reject, decline, repudiate , disavow, discard, renounce , abandon, disown, disclaim.

Example Sentence:

Research published by Harvard Business Review examined this question and proposed five strategies leaders can adopt to improve public confidence in healthcare.

—Benjamin Laker, Forbes, 5 Feb. 2023

Even if people can’t adopt a dog permanently, there are other ways to keep animals from entering the shelter unnecessarily, said Dr. Gary Weitzman, president and CEO of the Humane Society, in a statement.

—San Diego Union-Tribune, 11 Jan. 2023

Example Sentences from web:

Adore-Parts of Speech-Verb

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words- Admire, hallow, glorify, praise , venerate, reverence, worship, idolize

Antonyms or Opposite words-Abhor, despise , disesteem, abominate , execrate , blaspheme .

Example Sentence:

Good with people, kids, and other dogs, the Shih Tzu is a real charmer who lives to adore you.

—Arricca Elin Sansone, Woman's Day, 2 Feb. 2023

While Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist and other Western churches celebrate the coming of the Magi to adore Jesus, the Eastern Orthodox church commemorates the Baptism of Jesus on Epiphany.

—al, 6 Jan. 2023

Fans adore and admire Ms. Kaur, and Mr. Sharma often translates the nicest comments for her.

—Tejal Rao, New York Times, 27 Jan. 2023

Example Sentences from web:

Adorn-Parts of Speech-Verb

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Beautify , bedeck , ornament, deco rate. embellish, deck, garnish, gild, enrich. 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Mar , spoil, deform, deface, disfigure , impoverish, denude , despoil . strip, bare, disembellish .

Example Sentence:

On the other hand, three blooms of different shades adorn the middle finger — near the tip there is an ombré floral that fades from white to blue seamlessly versus the purple and yellow flowers near the cuticle.

—Gabi Thorne, Allure, 17 Feb. 2023

Instead, their skeletons adorn the walls and ceilings, like 3D paintings.

—Theo Zenou, Smithsonian Magazine, 8 Feb. 2023

These and other geoglyphs adorn the desert along the lower reaches of the Colorado River, where Indigenous people flourished long before Europeans set foot in North America.

—Ian Jamesstaff Writer, Los Angeles Times, 30 Jan. 2023

Decorations adorn the Fuxing bullet train G2457, which travels from Beijing to Hohhot, at Hohhot East Railway Station in Hohhot, Jan. 14, 2023.

—Time, 17 Jan. 2023

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Adrift-Parts of Speech-Adverb/Adjective

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words- Loose , afloat, agog, abroad, abroach, distracted, disordered. Fast, 

Antonyms or Opposite words-tight, right, lashed, moored , secure, collected , composed .

Example Sentence:

Off Yemen, bomb-laden drone boats and mines set adrift by Yemen's Houthi rebels have damaged vessels amid that country's yearslong war.

—Jon Gambrell, USA TODAY, 1 Sep. 2022

Off Yemen, bomb-laden drone boats and mines set adrift by Yemen's Houthi rebels have damaged vessels amid that country's yearslong war.

—Jon Gambrell, USA TODAY, 1 Sep. 2022

Off Yemen, bomb-laden drone boats and mines set adrift by Yemen's Houthi rebels have damaged vessels amid that country's yearslong war.

—Jon Gambrell, USA TODAY, 1 Sep. 2022

Example Sentences from web:

Adroit-Parts of Speech-Adjective

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words- Handy, skillful , dexterous, expert, proficient, clever . 

Antonyms or Opposite words- Awkward , clumsy , unskillful, inexpert , lubberly.

Example Sentence:

Leonardo’s astonishing inventions and discoveries are illustrated here, by eight physically adroit actors, on a set by Scott Bradley inspired by the transformative genius of Leonardo himself.

—Peter Marks, Washington Post, 14 Oct. 2022

At the end of each of the small primate’s hands are six fingers, including a long and adroit middle finger that can swivel in any direction due to its ball-and-socket joint, like a human shoulder, writes Defector’s Sabrina Imbler. —Will Sullivan, Smithsonian Magazine, 31 Oct. 2022

Example Sentences from web:

Adscititious-Parts of Speech-Adjective

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words- Adventitious, superfluous, rodundant, alien, artificial, spurious, smug 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Essential, necessary, veritable , regular, ingenerate , ingrained, congenital , fundamental , genuine, inherent, roper .

Adulation-Parts of Speech-Noun

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-flattery, compliment,  fawning cringing. 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Detraction, obloquy, defamation, calumny, traducement, sarcasm, ridicule , satire, bespatterment.

Example Sentence:

Book deals, journalistic and literary prizes, and adulation from elites have made the 1619 Project a cash cow for its creators.

—Miles Smith Iv, National Review, 9 Feb. 2023

Indians players, managers, executives and owners come and go and grab their share of adulation and criticism.

—Tim Warsinskey, cleveland, 3 Feb. 2023

In early September, shortly before the start of Nick Bosa’s fourth season, Trent Williams wondered why the Pro Bowl defensive end’s first three seasons hadn’t generated more endorsements and adulation.

—Eric Branch, San Francisco Chronicle, 29 Dec. 2022

Russell never felt the support or adulation that Boston fans showered on Bob Cousy or Tom Heinsohn.

—Gary Washburn,, 16 Dec. 2022

Trump stood in the dark as the rain came down, basking for the moment in his movement’s adulation.

—Molly Ball, Time, 9 Nov. 2022

Though Wilde has heaped nothing but adulation on Pugh and her performance, unfounded rumors swirled of a feud between the two women over an alleged pay disparity between the actress and her co-star Styles.

—Lester Fabian Brathwaite,, 5 Sep. 2022

It’s not just that desire for adulation and authority that has brought him and his guests to this moment.

—Abbey White, The Hollywood Reporter, 24 Nov. 2022

Michael Fuss, an Asics wearer for over 15 years, likewise had few deep theories on why the brand was basking in the adulation of sneakerheads now.

—Jacob Gallagher, WSJ, 8 Nov. 2022

Example Sentences from web:

Adult-Parts of Speech-Adjective

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Man, woman. 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Youth, stripling , boy, child, infant. 

Example Sentence:

The first whale found this month, a sub-adult male gray whale, was recovered Jan. 11 in Winchester Bay and was slain by killer whales, according to Milstein.

—oregonlive, 24 Jan. 2023

There wasn’t much room for making mistakes in this version of adulting—which is, of course, the only way to become truly adult.

—Claire Cohen, Vogue, 15 Jan. 2023

There was probably no better example Monday night than Quinta Brunson having to deliver her polished and very adult speech while standing over Jimmy Kimmel, who was lying on the stage as part of a dumb bit and wouldn’t get up.

—Mike Hale, New York Times, 12 Sep. 2022

According to the Cleveland Clinic, water is essential for multiple functions in your body, including digestion, creating hormones and neurotransmitters, and delivering oxygen, and up to 60 percent of the adult human body is made of water.

—Laura Baisas, Popular Science, 3 Jan. 2023

Children faced truancy charges in adult criminal courts, often with no legal representation.

—Dallas News, 23 June 2022

Phifer’s brother, Terrence Banks, adopted an adult German shepherd named Chance.

—La Risa R. Lynch, Journal Sentinel, 20 Dec. 2022

Example Sentences from web:

Adulterate-Parts of Speech-Verb

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words- Debase, corrupt, deteriorate , vitiate , contaminate . 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Make pure , genuine , undeteriorated .
Example Sentence:

Fentanyl can be used to adulterate meth sold on the street.

—Zachary B. Wolf, CNN, 1 Dec. 2021

Taking them off the placebo could adulterate trial data and compromise other companies’ vaccine trials if their volunteers drop out to get Pfizer’s vaccine.

—Rolfe Winkler, WSJ, 9 Dec. 2020

On Wednesday, forensic experts are expected to testify about the likely ingestion of certain drugs with date-rape effects by Habboub and Hayes, whose drink Banas is charged with adulterating in 2014, based on analysis of hair samples.

—Bruce Vielmetti, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 25 Feb. 2020

First came soy milk, offered in cafeterias as an alternative with which the lactose-intolerant could adulterate their covfefe.

—Mary Norris, The New Yorker, 23 Jan. 2020

Of the drugs described as being potentially adulterated are skincare and Assured Brand products.

—Benjamin Vanhoose,, 15 Nov. 2019
Example Sentences from web:

Adulterated-Parts of Speech-Adjective

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words- Impure , ingenuine, spurious. concocted , mixed , tagged , deteriorated, garbled , 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Pure, genuine, original, unmixed , unadulterated, undeteriorated,

Example Sentence:

And while most of those overdoses involved the illicit synthetic opioid fentanyl, experts say that an adulterated and contaminated drug supply is also leading to deaths.

—Nadia Kounang, CNN, 17 Mar. 2022

Navarro, who pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy in August, was sentenced Friday in Manhattan by federal Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil for being part of a conspiracy to distribute and administer adulterated and misbranded drugs for racehorses.

—Stephen Edelson, The Courier-Journal, 18 Dec. 2021

Brasch, 61, of Skokie, is specifically charged with receipt in interstate commerce and delivery of an adulterated device, the release said.

—, 9 Dec. 2021

Example Sentences from web:

Adumbration-Parts of Speech-Verb

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Shadow, fore shadowing, presage, prognostic, delineation, premonition, hint, sketch, prototype , suggestion. 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Body, substance , fulfillment, realization, substantiation, antitype .

Example Sentence:

In between, works by contemporaries complicate superficial ideas about his meteoric genius, and small, delicate drawings teem with an abundance of ideas — paintings never made, thoughts adumbrated then abandoned.

—Philip Kennicott, Washington Post, 18 Oct. 2019

Nothing in America’s tepid 19th-century contributions to European classical music adumbrated it; nor did the homely and sometimes hokey popular songs of Stephen Foster.

—Heather Mac Donald, National Review, 22 Aug. 2019

The helicopter crash, on the other hand, is a narrative dead end, merely adumbrating the portrait that Mr. Davenport will draw of Mr. Bezos as unflappable.

—Randall Stross, WSJ, 15 Apr. 2018

Example Sentences from web:

Advance-Parts of Speech-Verb

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Propel , elevate, promote, further , lend , propagate, progress, increase , prosper, rise , 

Antonyms or Opposite words- Retard, hinder, withhold, withdraw, recall, depress, degrade, suppress, Oppose , retreat, decrease .

Example Sentence:

The group also lobbied against a state carbon tax, which failed to advance.

—Hiroko Tabuchi, New York Times, 11 Jan. 2023

But the 2-seed Rams proved to be too much the following week, and the Cowboys once again failed to advance past the divisional round of the NFL playoffs.

—Dallas News, 9 Jan. 2023

President Biden renominated former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to be U.S. ambassador to India on Tuesday after Garcetti’s confirmation failed to advance through the U.S. Senate last year.

—Los Angeles Times, 7 Jan. 2023

Take Clemson, which came within one win of the College Football Playoff but flopped in an Orange Bowl matchup against Tennessee, or the Wolverines, who for the second year in a row failed to advance out of the semifinals.

—Paul Myerberg, USA TODAY, 6 Jan. 2023

Russia’s troops have not only failed to advance in the regions in recent months but have lost significant grounds in Ukraine beginning in September when its soldiers were forced to withdraw from Kharkiv.

—Caitlin Mcfall, Fox News, 20 Dec. 2022

Example Sentences from web:

Advancement-Parts of Speech-Noun

Synonyms or word meaning: Ascent, creation, elevation. preference, preferment, promotion, rise, upgrade

Example Sentences from Web

Maserati baked more capability into the motors and inverters in preparation for the next advancement in battery technology, which is believed to be a few years away.

—David Beard, Car and Driver, 12 Feb. 2023

In addition to the country’s advancement, both 2020 and 1969 were riddled with civil unrest, as racial inequity and injustice spilled into the streets with protests.

—Charna Flam, Variety, 2 Feb. 2023

Celebrate growth, achievement, advancement, and innovation.

—Scott Johnson, Forbes, 26 Jan. 2023

The back door is through institutional advancement, which is 10 times as much money.

—Lauren Del Valle And Eric Levenson, CNN, 4 Jan. 2023

The back door is through institutional advancement, which is 10 times as much money.

—Devika Rao, The Week, 4 Jan. 2023

Advantage-Parts of Speech-Noun

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Gain, success, superiority, help, assistance , benefit, good, avail, interest, utility, service, profit, acquisition. 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Loss, disappointment, defeat, frustration, inferiority, obstacle , obstruction, difficulty, dilemma, disadvantage , drawback .

Example Sentence:

Playing to his strength, Woodland attacks the 17th hole looking to take advantage of the possible scoring opportunity.

—Drew Steiner, The Arizona Republic, 11 Feb. 2023

View the game for free and take advantage of the regular menu with a DJ afterparty.

—Cheryl V. Jackson, The Indianapolis Star, 11 Feb. 2023

Chicago Tribune readers can take advantage of a great deal as the FanDuel promo gives up to $3,000 in bonus bets, which players can redeem without a promo code.

—Ian Firstenberg, Chicago Tribune, 10 Feb. 2023

As more companies start to offer BaaS solutions and the accessibility of blockchain technology increases, businesses should take advantage of this opportunity to stay ahead in the coming years.

—Sani Abdul-jabbar, Forbes, 10 Feb. 2023

Example Sentences from web:

Advent-Parts of Speech-Adjective

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Approach, arrival, accession, coming . 

Antonyms or Opposite words-exit, exodus. retirement, relinquishment, quittance .

Example Sentence:

Plant Deep — Really Deep Tomatoes have the ability to produce roots off their stems, known as adventitious roots.

—Margaret Roach, New York Times, 12 May 2020

This can also occur when trees are planted too deep, as adventitious (growing sideways from the stem) roots grow against the stem and squeeze the sapwood. —Rebecca Jepsen, The Mercury News, 28 Aug. 2019

Example Sentences from web:

Adventitious-Parts of Speech-Adjective

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words- Extrinsic, redundant, superfluous, adscititious, casual, immured . 

Antonyms or Opposite words- Regular , proper, pertinent, essential , appropriate , necessary, intrinsic.

Example Sentence:

Example Sentences from web:

Adventure-Parts of Speech-Noun

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Incident, crisis, chance , hazard, occurrence , event, enterprise , casualty , undertaking , experiment, venture , trial , romance . 

Antonyms or Opposite words- Matter-of-fact, matter-of-course .

Example Sentence:

The actor, who began his career decades ago with several Brazilian projects, has had a taste of sci-fi, adventure and fantasy with previous roles in Westworld, Lost and 300.

—Carly Thomas, The Hollywood Reporter, 16 Feb. 2023

What’s left is a war story devoid of its genre catnip, the sense of heroism and adventure that dominates war films penned by the winning side.

—Lesley Paterson, Los Angeles Times, 14 Feb. 2023

Outlander is filled with romance, science fiction and adventure, like the popular novel series on which it is based, and will end with its eighth season in summer 2023.

—Hannah Kerns, Peoplemag, 14 Feb. 2023

And what better way to celebrate superheroes, sci-fi, adventure, and fantasy fandom than the annual 3-day FanExpo (formerly Wizard World) convention at the Oregon Convention Center this weekend?

—oregonlive, 13 Feb. 2023

Example Sentences from web:

Adventurous-Parts of Speech-Noun

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Bold, brave , daring, enterprising. courageous, gallant, fearless, venturesome, rash , chivalrous, hazardous. 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Timid , unenterprising, unadventurous, cowardly, nervous, hesitating , cautious .

Example Sentence:

The adventurous will find isolation on an epic scale on northern Iceland's windswept landscape, the traditional serenity on a private island off of Anguilla, and the bohemian layabouts a haven in a compound on the Andalusian coast.

—Betsy Blumenthal, Condé Nast Traveler, 2 Feb. 2023

There’s Bob Mackie-esque cocktail dresses, men’s trousers, and even an office-ready blazer (for the adventurous).

—André-naquian Wheeler, Vogue, 10 Jan. 2023

The upstairs record bins have been pretty thoroughly picked through (though there’s always something for the sonically adventurous).

—cleveland, 5 Jan. 2023

For the adventurous, a 130-mile hike and bike loop awaits.

—Smithsonian Magazine, 21 Nov. 2022

Colombia is for the more adventurous: The yield curve is still pointing upward, but inflation is higher and has weighed on the Colombian peso.

—Jon Sindreu, WSJ, 21 Nov. 2022

Bigger fish are also to be had for the adventurous.

—Jim Gronaw, Baltimore Sun, 18 Sep. 2022

For the more adventurous, there is a primitive campsite located in a beautiful oak hammock on the west side of the marsh.

—Bill Kearney, Sun Sentinel, 9 Sep. 2022

Flavors include Cranberry Crème brûlée, Christmas Cookie and French Roast for the less adventurous in your crew. —Lizz Schumer, Good Housekeeping, 22 Aug. 2022

Example Sentences from web:

Adversary-Parts of Speech-Noun

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words- Antagonist, foe, enemy, rival, assailant. 

Antonyms or Opposite words- Accessory, abettor, alder , helper, assistant, ally,

Example Sentence:

He's a very smart criminal who pushes emotional buttons to get what he wants. He's quite a worthy adversary for Mac and the team.

—TV Guide, 2-8 June 2008

American diplomacy after World War II exemplified the soundness of this principle. We put our power at the disposal of all who cherished freedom and peace. We did things for others they couldn't do for themselves. We defended others, yes, but we also forgave our former enemies and helped reconcile old adversaries, such as France and Germany.

—Colin L. Powell, Wilson Quarterly, Summer 2004

Nike's adversary was an amorphous group of disgruntled consumers connected by a decentralized network of e-mail addresses. Although the press has presented my battle with Nike as a David versus Goliath parable, the real story is the battle between a company like Nike, with access to the mass media, and a network of citizens on the Internet …

—Jonah Peretti, Nation, 9 Apr. 2001

Not perfected until the eve of World War I, this small boat cruised on the surface with a diesel engine that also charged the batteries that powered the submarine's electric motors for submerged operation. If it spotted an adversary, the submarine would dive, either to escape or attack.

—Archer Jones, Elements of Military Strategy, 1996

Example Sentences from web:

Adverse-Parts of Speech-Adjective

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words- Opposed to, unlucky , hard, hostile , antagonistic, unpropitious, Opposite , conflicting, contrary, unfavorable . 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Favorable, friendly, amicable , propitious, fortunate , lucky .

Example Sentence:

On more than one occasion his decrees provoked riots, and there were those who voiced adverse opinions on the Duke in public.

—Alison Weir, The Princes in the Tower, 1992

The plant tolerates adverse conditions …

—Dave Dunn, Fine Gardening, January/February 1991

all the adverse publicity really caused the movie star's popularity to suffer

the adverse effects of the drug are too severe to allow it to be marketed

Recent Examples on the Web

Despite the adverse impact of declining global economic conditions and stricter monetary policies on growth in 2023, the region continues to be one of the world's fastest-growing areas, as noted by the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

—Jakob Rost, Forbes, 14 Feb. 2023

That record includes public housing’s adverse impact on neighborhoods.

—Rachel Heller,, 10 Feb. 2023

Patagonia Provisions decided not to rush to meet rising demand, Davis added, because doing so would have an adverse environmental impact.

—Linda Chong, Washington Post, 4 Feb. 2023

Lead poisoning is known to cause a variety of devastating adverse health impacts: development delays and learning disabilities, fatigue, pain throughout the body, behavioral issues and more.

—Sarah Bowman, The Indianapolis Star, 30 Jan. 2023

On the one hand, companies and well-off individuals seem to have many of the levers that are required to limit the adverse economic impact of climate disasters.

—Peter Vanham, Fortune, 26 Jan. 2023

Before commencing a flight, pilots are required to consult the NOTAM system, which lists potential adverse impacts on flights, from runway construction to the potential for icing.

—Michelle Chapman, The Christian Science Monitor, 11 Jan. 2023

Before commencing a flight, pilots are required to consult NOTAMs, which list potential adverse impacts on flights, from runway construction to the potential for icing.

—Garfield Hylton, Orlando Sentinel, 11 Jan. 2023

Before commencing a flight, pilots are required to consult NOTAMs, which list potential adverse impacts on flights, from runway construction to the potential for icing.

—Dallas News, 11 Jan. 2023

Example Sentences from web:

Adversity-Parts of Speech-Noun

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Ill-luck, misfortune , misery, calamity, disaster , distress, unsuccess, failure ,  trouble,  sorrow. 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Good - luck, prosperity , happiness, success, advancement.

Example Sentence:

After two years of research, I discovered that everyone has a crisis personality survivor IQ—that they marshal in a moment of adversity: a mindset and ways of thinking about a situation.

—Ben Sherwood, Newsweek, 2 Feb. 2009

Perhaps because their brains are wired differently, dyslexics are often skilled problem solvers, coming at solutions from novel or surprising angles and making conceptual leaps. … It may also be that their early struggle with reading better prepares them for dealing with adversity in a volatile, fast-changing world.

—Christine Gorman, Time, 28 July 2003

The narrative plot is clearly defined, and it is classically familiar: Huck (without Jim) and Tom Sawyer light out for unknown territory to discover their manhood by successfully confronting the harsh adversities of life.

—John W. Aldridge, Atlantic, August 1994

Example Sentences from web:

Advert to-Parts of Speech-Verb

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words- Refer to, allude to, notice , remark , glance at, regard , touch upon, hint at. 

Antonyms or Opposite words- Ignore , pass, drop, omit, overlook .

Example Sentences from web:

The statement, dated May 6, was issued in response to a World Press Freedom Day advert published in the Washington Post on May 2, which featured Fan.

—Madeleine Lim,, 14 June 2022

Harington and Leslie revealed that they were officially engaged by way of a classified advert in The Times.

—Alex Gurley, Peoplemag, 7 Feb. 2023

In the series’ early going, Axel happens on a newspaper advert appealing for financing backing for a new electric hair curler.

—John Hopewell, Variety, 30 Jan. 2023

If parents who perceived vaccination as having harmed their child were more likely to respond to the advert, selection bias would result.

—Neuroskeptic, Discover Magazine, 10 May 2017

But a new advert for the chain initially released in the UK upends that tradition.

—Cassie Werber, Quartz, 16 Jan. 2023

An article about cars might feature a Volkswagen advert, for example.

—Morgan Meaker, WIRED, 5 Jan. 2023

How many students have lost out on places in great labs just because another candidate happened to see that job advert and apply?

—Neuroskeptic, Discover Magazine, 17 Jan. 2020

Quite how the Christmas advert for department store John Lewis became a favourite part of the Christmas Holiday season is open to debate. —Mark Faithfull, Forbes, 11 Nov. 2022

Advertent-Parts of Speech-Adjective

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Attentive , regardful, mindful, watchful, thought. observant, considerate . 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Inattentive inadvertent, - casual, thoughtless, heedless, inch servant, inconsiderate .

Example Sentence:

Example Sentences from web:

Advertise-Parts of Speech-Verb

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Publish, inform, advise , circulate , announce , notify, proclaim, promulge.

Antonyms or Opposite words-Suppress, hush, conceal, ignore, hoodwink, misguide, mislead, misinform.

Example Sentence:

Example Sentences from web:

Utilize social media platforms and other digital marketing tools to promote and advertise your business.

—King Holder, Rolling Stone, 19 Jan. 2023

When frozen foods were marketed, the frozen orange juice industry also had lithographs that helped advertise this product.

—Brenda Yenke, cleveland, 12 Jan. 2023

Nowadays, aphrodisiacs come in a wide variety of forms since more and more supplement manufacturers advertise their goods as having libido-boosting properties.

—Amber Smith, Discover Magazine, 25 Dec. 2022

In the late ’90s, Banana Republic had several factions of the brand and would advertise each of them individually in Vogue.

—Liana Satenstein, Vogue, 19 Dec. 2022

Some European suppliers will charge extra for shipping and duties, while others advertise an all-in price inclusive of shipping and duties.

—Joseph V Micallef, Forbes, 10 Nov. 2022

While many advertise great deals, consider that when booking with an online travel agency (OTA) like Expedia,, or Orbitz, customer service issues are always routed through them.

—Ramsey Qubein, Condé Nast Traveler, 3 Oct. 2022

In the wake of mass layoffs, something of a cottage industry has cropped up on LinkedIn, wherein former employees will advertise their layoffs in long, often emotional posts.

—Jane Thier, Fortune, 31 Aug. 2022

Advice or Advise-Parts of Speech-Noun/Verb

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words- Admonish, warn, deliberate , counsel, persuade , urge ,  instigate , incite , instruct, acquaint, inform . 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Dissuade, debit , expostulate, remonstrate, prohibit, inhibit. curb, mislead, misadvise, hoodwink, deceive , delude misinform.

Example Sentence:

Example Sentences from web:

West hadn't appeared in a film in 27 years, but on advice from a psychic, met with the young director who convinced her to make a triumphant-ish return.

—Lester Fabian Brathwaite,, 16 Feb. 2023

And while Abraira typically charges for that advice, she's says there's one common mistake that could save people a whole lot of time and money.

—Dave Quinn, Peoplemag, 16 Feb. 2023

At this stage, entrepreneurs usually hire a lawyer for advice on the best route forward.

—Yec, Forbes, 13 Feb. 2023

Robert Redford played an idealistic young lawyer running for the U.S. Senate who grows dependent on the advice of his campaign manager and media consultants.

—Los Angeles Times, 10 Feb. 2023

But that sustained success is no surprise to the members — who still draw on advice given to them in the band’s early years by renowned producer Steve Albini.

—Niko Stratis, SPIN, 7 Feb. 2023

On her attorney’s advice, Trainor decided to pursue what’s known as a stepparent or second parent adoption for her own son to safeguard her rights to him.

—Jennifer Brookland, Detroit Free Press, 6 Feb. 2023

Ralph is hospitalised by his parents, on the advice of Dr. Chirinos, a very old-school psychiatrist.

—John Hopewell, Variety, 24 Jan. 2023

On their advice, the town put together patrols to try to keep the polar bears out.

—Gene Johnson, Mark Thiessen, Anchorage Daily News, 21 Jan. 2023

Advisable-Parts of Speech-Adjective

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words-Politic, judicious, expedient, desirable , wise , prudent, beneficial, profitable. 

Antonyms or Opposite words- Unadvisable , impolitic, injudicious inexpedient, undesirable, unprofitable .

Example Sentence:

Example Sentences from web:

Working two full-time jobs is never advisable, Monster career expert Vicki Salemi tells Fortune.

—Byjane Thier, Fortune, 13 Feb. 2023

If the latter, then a very different course of action may be advisable.

—Martin Shenkman, Forbes, 6 Feb. 2023

The daily consumption of chili crab, another Singaporean standard, available at a stall called Wok & Staple, seems less advisable—not least because a single Dungeness crab will set you back about sixty dollars.

—Hannah Goldfield, The New Yorker, 3 Feb. 2023

Depending on your situation, refinancing your auto loan may not be advisable.

—Elizabeth Rivelli, Car and Driver, 30 Jan. 2023

Such behaviour may be considered advisable to guarantee the correct functioning of the structure, but, in the longterm, it is bound to be extremey harmful.

—Anna Zanardi Cappon, Forbes, 26 Jan. 2023

Advocate-Parts of Speech-Noun

Meaning, Synonyms or Similar words- Pleader, counsellor , upholder, propagator, promoter , supporter, countenancer, defender . maintainer . 

Antonyms or Opposite words-Opponent, adversary, discountenance, accuser, impugner , assayer .

Example Sentence:

Example Sentences from web:

And while the halftime performance is unpaid, surely Rihanna and her same-race, same-gender predecessors would advocate for paying Black women equitably in every music industry role that involves compensation.

—Shaun Harper, Forbes, 12 Feb. 2023

Many doctors don't advocate that men get their testosterone checked routinely.

—Christa Sgobba, Men's Health, 12 Feb. 2023

And while some investors say that the worst could be over for Tesla, others advocate caution, especially with the risk of a recession still hovering and the EV industry’s brisk pace of growth expected to slow in the near-term.

—Esha Dey,, 9 Feb. 2023

The members advocate that the Biden Administration instead roll out broader testing strategies that are not limited by geography, as well as other measures that may better help prevent transmission of the virus.

—Aidin Vaziri, San Francisco Chronicle, 6 Jan. 2023

DMTx organizers, obviously, don’t advocate trying any of this at home.

—Justin Higginbottom, The New Republic, 3 Jan. 2023

Equally important is the need for strategies to advocate, promote, and grow the African music industry.

—Meron Demisse, Quartz, 23 Dec. 2022

Another way to meet your neighbors — and advocate for change within your community — is to join existing grass roots organizations in your neighborhood.

—Jandra Sutton, Washington Post, 8 Dec. 2022

Scientific experts must advocate science and reason as the foundation of public policy.

—Andrea Gawrylewski, Scientific American, 1 Dec. 2022


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