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Here is a List of Top Ten Freelancing Job:

1. Web Development and Designing.

Web development means the work involved to create a webpage in internet or intranet. It includes but not limited to develop a very simple static page to complex dynamic and responsive web pages. The various tasks regarding web development include to web engineering, web design, web content development A comprehensive knowledge of design and coding of website is required.

Skills requirement: The web designer and web developer must have sufficient knowledge of designing and coding. He must be proficient of various SDKs like .NET, Java, Dreamweaver etc.

2. Freelance Writing and Copywriting.

Job Description: Freelance writing is one of the amazing subjects for online earning. Writing opportunity as a freelances include to Blog Post writing, Press release, Products and service descriptions, Press release, Email Newsletters,

Skills required: Writing to any web platform requires the depth of knowledge about the Specific language. Language need to be simple but easily understandable syntax. The article must be original and full of genuine information.

3. Creative Design.

Job Description: Creative design is an ingenious process of sculpture the imagination. It is the canvas of typography, photography and illustrations. It is not a casual culture. Deep rooted passion to arts and creation are essential requirements for a successful creative designer. For being a digital creative designer, specific knowledge of software application like Photoshop, Animation 3D studio, photo editing is very vital.

4. Graphic Designing.

Job Description: Graphic designing is the medium of visual communication. It is the composition of target oriented digital graphics for printed and electronic media. The prospect of a graphic designer is high in demand. But one thing is important that this is not casual profession. To be a successful Graphic designer everyone should have some professional training.

5. 3D Modelling and CAD.

Job Description: Three dimensional representation of any living or non living is an easily understandable subject. Web marketing is highly being associated with 3D model. Any constructive objects are represented through 3D interpretation for an easy communication. Computer Aided designing (CAD) is an advance platform. It is now a very high demanding career for the freelancer. Knowledge in engineering drawing, concept of 2D & 3D wireframe, projection aptitudes are required.

6. Article and Blog Writing.

This is somehow different from freelancing writing. It is content writing for web blog. Here a content writer has some flexibility to express his idea. Having a good quality for self expression and audience attraction capabilities are essence of blog article writing.

7. Logo Design and Illustration.

Logo is the graphic emblem used to represent the public identification and recognition. There are several web platforms to give opportunity for artistic logo designing. It requires aptitudes of graphic designing.

8. Audio and Video Production.

Audio and video production is incorporated in creative design. As a freelancer, video creation and editing of exiting video is a lucrative profession. There are several opportunity for earning through video production.

Adequate knowledge about editing, recording and producing audios and videos are required. A professional certificate course on film and animation is an added advantage. Work experience in the same field helps to do the job proficiently as a freelancer.

9. Data Entry Jobs.

Data entry jobs are high paying online job profile with minimum efforts and intelligence. The jobs are easy as seeing picture and write down in MS word files. Anyone joining to this network has to finish certain pages in a day. So typing speed must be more than 30 words per minutes. But the problems of data entry job are the scamming. Be caution about any request or instruction to invest money by means of registration fees or subscription fees. No legit and genuine sites claim money. If anyone sites suggest to invest any money for more benefit, just simply leave those sites.

10. SEO and Content Advertising.

Advertising in social media is an easy and lucrative profession. First of all one need to have membership in various Social platforms like face book, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. Having a good and fair community base can give an immense opportunity to online earning. Register as an social ad manager and circulate the advertisement among the fans that results an earning opportunity. The regular connectivity to the fan mates is basic tips for content advertising.

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