Vitamin D-Source, Importance and Facts of Deficiency-MDWIX Class Notes.

Vitamin D-Why is it important for human body building & protection?

Vitamin D

Preambles of Vitamin D: It is referred as the "Sunshine" vitamin. It is a free resource of nature that is essential for human bodies. It is an important element for maintaining healthy bones, teeth and other skeletal components. It is also an ingredients for supporting human immune systems, brain & nervous system. It also regulates insulin level that is highly important for diabetic management. Another aspects of pulmonary system it optimizes lung function. It also enhances the cardio vascular system & influences the expression of genes responsible cancer development in human bodies.  

Source of Vitamin D: 

Main source of Vitamin D is Sunlight. When human body is exposed to sunlight it automatically synthesizes vitamin D. But every geolocation and season it might not be sufficient. Moreover the different lifestyle and skin pigmentation may affect the auto synthesis. Hence the supplementary Vitamin D sources are needed. There are two major sources, either from plant or animal body parts.

Plant Sources: Green vegetable like spinach, cabbages, peas, beans are rich of Vitamin D. 

Animal Sources: Fatty fishes like salmon, mackerel and tuna fishes have a loftiness of this Vitamin. Fish such as Cod liver oil, beef liver and egg yolk are the great source of Vitamin D.

Importance of Vitamin D:

It plays a vital role in calcium absorption that are crucial for bone and teeth health. Absence of Vitamin D bones can become thin, brittle and week. Vitamin D has other roles in the body. It helps to modulate cell growth, neuromuscular and immune function. It also reduce inflammation in human body.

Affect of Deficiency:

Deficiency can result from inadequate nutritional intake, limited exposure to sunlight or disorder that limits it's absorption or restriction of conversion of vitamin D into active form. Symptoms of deficiency  can include bone pain and muscle weakness. Vitamin D deficiency in child creates rickets and osteomalacia in adults.


Overall vitamin D is a crucial nutrient for human structural development and growth from very starting of embryo to complete man. So it is essential to maintain supply level of vitamin D to avoid any deficiency related issue.

Disclaimer: This is as per Syllabus & curriculum of National Institute of Open School(NIOS). 


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